It begins…

The Cathedral … the most beautiful building in the city, they call it.  Certainly one of the most photographed.  Reddish brick spire glowing above the lush elm canopy along the Meewasin Valley.  English gothic florets and gargoyles carved into the outer walls.  Brilliant stained glass windows, and a solid fieldstone foundation.  Definitely a building to be reckoned with.

It’s been a spiritual home for our family, on and off, for over a decade now.  But I remember well the day that the young woman wandered in from the street, asked for a priest, and proceeded to tell me how she had seen a vision of the Cathedral, light pouring from the sky toward the spire, creating an energy vortex, a portal, a gateway.  As we spoke, we walked slowly eastward along the central nave aisle.  Looking up, she saw the four angels standing guard along the top of the rood screen, and her steps faltered.  She peered through the stone gateway, into the sanctuary, her gaze drawn to the hauntingly beautiful high altar.  “There it is,” she said to me.  “That is where the vortex is.”

I can’t remember much of our talk after that.  As a Sophian Anglican priest who’s at least half-druid, I’m used to conversations which are … let us say, peculiar.  UFO’s, crop circles, ley lines … whatever … I know about all that stuff.  But while I was interested in what this young woman had to say, I wasn’t particularly convinced.  Curious, yes.  Acknowledging that she was having a subjective experience which was meaningful to her, of course.  But beyond that?  I don’t think so.

It wasn’t until later, after the time of my exile, that I remembered our conversation that day.  As I saw the portal open with my own inner eye, her words came back to me.  The shimmering energy, condensing on the altar between the two carved cherubim.  The sphere of light, slowly filling the sanctuary as my son and I sat praying in the choir stalls.  Something was opening, in the Cathedral and in me.  A gateway between the worlds.  A stairway to heaven?

Divine gifts almost always come with a cost.  Where there is great light, shadows are cast in the darkness.  We wrestle not against flesh and blood…

This blog tells my story.  Not only my story, but that of the Cathedral, and of the portal it houses.  And through this portal, many stories – too many to count.  Stories of the beginning, intimations of the end.  And in between, the great struggle, shot through with Grace.

This is the portal to the Cathedral Legendarium.

Be welcome.